spider veins concealer makeup

spider veins makeup, spider veins cover makeup

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Camouflage Makeup for Leg and Body

Spider veins are a very small but often numerous example of a more serious condition in which veins near the skin's surface become ballooned and inflamed. This condition is known as varicose veins. Spider veins may occur independently of varicosities or along side them. The spider veins are a less severe medical
condition and rarely cause pain or discomfort like their larger cousins, the varicosities. This condition most commonly affects the lower legs and ankles. Both conditions can be treated medically.

Spider veins are considered a cosmetic condition and can be removed in a process involving saline injection. However, since the spider vein formation is an ongoing process new spider veins often begin as older ones are removed.

ColorTration cover makeup is the best performing concealer makeup and makes a great leg makeup. As leg makeup it goes on easily and comfortably stays on all day. Since it self sets without powder it can be sealed with our barrier spray for ruboff protection. This helps make ColorTration a superior answer to the problem of spider veins which ofter occur on spots where an unsealed makeup can come into contact with clothing or furniture and result in embarrassing transfer of pigment.

ColorTration MakeUp is great for Spider Veins in three important ways:

1) ColorTration will totally hide, conceal or cover Spider Veins, creating a flawless look to the skin of your legs and it will go on easily, self-set without powder, while producing a natural finish which stays on all day comfortably.

2)ColorTration shades can be mixed as your legs lighten and darken with the seasons.


spider veins makeup, spider veins cover makeup

If ColorTration can cover a tattoo this easily, imagine how easily it can cover Spider Veins!



spider veins makeup
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