scar makeup

scar makeup

Now in a new improved airless pump bottle with
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Camouflage and Cover Makeup for Scars

Scars occur as part of the normal healing process. When skin is damaged by burns, trauma, surgery, acne or infection, the immune system initiates a process of repair to the skin. The new skin formed by healing often can be different from the area of skin surrounding the scar in texture and in color.

Severe scarring can be handled professionally in processes like laser resurfacing and dermabrasion. However these procedures are very unpleasant and often lead to scarring themselves or in less severe situations they may lead to hypopigmentation (lack of pigment) of the skin or hyperpigmentation (too much pigment).

ColorTration MakeUp is great for scars in three important ways:

  1. ColorTration will easily conceal any discoloration of the skin due to scars.
  2. This cover makeup cannot change the texture of your skin, but will dramatically improve the overall appearance of scars, especially from a distance.
  3. ColorTration Barrier Spray will seal the makeup on body parts that will experience friction from clothing and furniture.


Scars before cover makeupScars before cover makeup

Scars after cover makeupScars after cover makeup

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If ColorTration can cover a tattoo this easily, imagine how easily it can cover scars!



scar makeup, scars makeup
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