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Cover Makeup and Camouflage Makeup for Birthmarks

Birthmarks and port wines stains are both minor disease subcatagories of an overall condition known as hemangiomas or venous malformaltions. Hemangiomas or venous malformations can be very serious, requiring surgery and even threatening life. But more commonly this over growth of uncoordinated and extraneous blood vessels is not dangerous, but just unslightly in the form of a reddish stain, or darker stain or light brown stain which may be present from birth and thereafter or begin spontaneously at a later stage and continue to worsen.

These conditions that are mostly cosmetic problems can be addressed by laser surgery.

ColorTration liquid cover makeup is the best performing of any concealer makeup and will totally hide or conceal the birthmark or port wine stain with a very thin, comfortable and durable cover which is incredibly opaque!

ColorTration can be used by itself to better live with the unwanted attention birthmarks and port wine stains may cause.

Sometimes birthmarks have a raised or pitted texture which no corrective makeup can address. This condition is called 'pebbling' and can only be addressed by laser
surgery to alter the shape of the venous malformation.

ColorTration is also a great tool to have during the stages of laser surgery which may encompass many years of repeated treatments. This product is a great concealer to hide the birthmark and irritations caused by the laser treatements during the entire course of treatment.


birthmark makeup, port wine stain makeup

If ColorTration can cover a tattoo this easily, imagine how easily it can cover birthmarks!



birthmark makeup, port wine stain makeup
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