vitiligo cover makeup, vitiligo concealer makeup

vitiligo cover makeup, vitiligo concealer makeup

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Vitiligo Cover and Camouflage Makeup

Vitiligo is a condition of the skin, anywhere on the body, in which an auto-immune disease initiates a process leading to complete de-pigmentation. The result is spots of lighter colored skin amidst areas of normally pigmented skin. Vitiligo is medically treated in a manner similar to the more severe condition of psoriasis. Ultraviolet light treatment with psoralen cream activator can burn the skin and trigger remission of the disease. Also cortisone creams or ointments topically applied can reduce the severity of de-pigmentation temporarily.

ColorTration MakeUp is great for Vitiligo in three important ways:

  1. ColorTration will very easily cover, hide and conceal the depigmentation of vitiligo on the face or body parts. Since this product sets without powder, there in no problem of endangering the eyes with or inhaling irritating particles.

    On the face this product can be diluted with liposome moisture fluid for a more sheer cover.

    ColorTration can be used on vitiligo patches on the body, legs and hands and since it sets without powder it can be sealed with our barrier spray to prevent rub-off.
  2. ColorTration can be mixed with or used over prescription creams and lotions used to heal vitiligo.


Vitiligo before cover makeupVitiligo before cover makeup

Vitiligo after cover makeupVitiligo after cover makeup

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If ColorTration can cover a tattoo this easily, imagine how easily it can cover Vitiligo!



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