rosacea cover makeup, rosacea cover cream

rosacea cover makeup, rosacea cover cream





Now in a new improved airless pump bottle with
a stronger more controllable pump. The innovative design gives you the same amount of makeup in a more compact convenient bottle.

ColorTration MakeUp can be diluted with Liposome Moisture Fluid for more sheer coverage.

To read more about Rosacea, consult our library by clicking here.

Camouflage and Cover Makeup for Rosacea

This condition is basically a type of facial rash causing moderate to severe redness on the cheeks, nose and lower forehead. Rosacea usually gets worse in the colder months. There are treatments to control rosacea and the most common is metranitizole cream, which is usually a doctors prescription. This cream kills bacteria believed to cause the condition although much is still not known as to why some people are more prone to rosacea than others. The treatment cream often causes irritation and usually results in temporary remission of the condition with continued use.

ColorTration MakeUp is great for Rosacea in three important ways:

1) ColorTration will totally hide, conceal or cover the redness of rosacea restoring a natural look to the skin of your face and it will go on easily, self-set without powder, while producing a natural finish which stays on all day comfortably.

2)ColorTration is oil based so it is soothing to rosacea and helps protect the skin, which is worsened by cold windy chapping weather.

3)ColorTration will mix easily with many other formulas so it can be mixed with prescription creams, still covering and hiding rosacea while the
medicine treats it.

You will want to start out with a customized six color trial kit. This is important because it allows you to experiment with the product in the privacy of your own home. You can evaluate your skin tone match and results in a variety of different lighting conditions. The trial kit includes six small recloseable plastic vials and disposable application brushes.


rosacea cover makeup

If ColorTration can cover a tattoo this easily, imagine how easily it can cover Rosacea!

Professional Camouflage Brush

Order Online or Call 1-888-350-4505 to receive a ColorTration Trial Kit with six skin tones of your choice.

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